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Consulting - Conception - Installation
Training - Software Development


The 5 components of the company name reflect the most important characteristics of the business matters, the central ideas and the type of enterprise.



Field of Activity - Information Technology


Quality Features - exact, exclusive, Expertise, Linux, Unix, experience, sowie cross(X)platform


Main Business - Software Development, Installation, Troubleshooting, Consulting, Tuning, Training and Integration


Business Goal - integrated, well-fitting, customer-friendly and working solutions


Legal Form -
   HRB Augsburg 16283


ITXS currently consists of Dipl. Kaufmann Fr. Gudrun Ferenczi-Niederle for sales, marketing and the seminar Team and Moderation, as well as the founder Dipl. Inform. Herbert Niederle. Depending on the projects, ITXS cooperates with business partners and a pool of freelance experts.

Gudrun Ferenczi-Niederle works since 2009 as freelance instructor for the University Augsburg and formerly since her graduate in business administration, before she joined ITXS in 2006, for the companies telegate AG Munich, N.E.T Europe GmbH Munich, communications GmbH Munich and NCR GmbH Augsburg, AT&T Global Information Solutions Germany in the area of sales and marketing.

Herbert Niederle works since his degree of Information Technology at the TU Munich in the year 1986 in the IT-field:

1986 - 1989:

Assistant at the Institut for Computer Science of the TU Munich

1989 - 1992:

Head of the Network Department at the Training Centre of Sun Microsystems

1992 - 1994:


1994 - 1998:

Founder and Managing Director of the Gnosys Software GmbH

ab 1998:

Founder and Managing Director of the ITX Software & Solutions GmbH

For a description of the various activities during these phases, please see the ITXS Services.



The ITX Software & Solutions GmbH is located in Scherstetten about 10km to the west of Schwabmünchen, 40km to the south of Augsburg and about 80km to the west of Munich.



Am Klafferberg 1
86872 Scherstetten
Tel.: +49 8262-968700
Fax: +49 8262-968710

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Business Goals

  • Competent consulting and support of customers using state of-the-art technology during analysis, design, implementation and productive operation.

  • Development of innovative and customer fitting solutions which are of high technical value.

  • Cooperation with business partners.

  • Maintenance and improvement of the ITXS skills by a steady continuation of education in theory and practice.

Principles of Business

  • High quality and competence

  • Efficiency, effectiveness and economy

  • Reliability and on schedule work

  • Long-term cooperation based on partnership

  • Manufacturer independence

  • Flexibility

  • Fairness

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