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Current Services

Besides the seminar "Teamwork and Moderation" for the University of Augsburg, the focus of ITXS since about 1998 lies in the area of Backup & Recovery and the product EMC NetWorker – formerly Legato NetWorker - including all its modules, options and related Software.

These activities cover amongst others:

  • Conception and Consulting
    During all phases of the product lifecycle, especially before any investments or upgrades.

  • Installation and Configuration
    On all supported plattforms, including all modules, options and extensions. On customer request additionally all involved operating systems as well as SAN- and LAN-infrastructures.

  • Trainings, and Workshops
    Besides standard trainings ITXS focus on customer-specific on-site trainings and workshops. Customers generally not only benefit from more than 15 years ITXS experience in teaching, but also from solving real life problems out in the field and from a very good practical background concerning the listed products and activities below.

  • Software Development
    For example to automate important NetWorker functionalities with batch scripts on Windows or shell scripts on Linux or Unix.

  • Analyses and Health Checks
    Mostly on basis of regularly and planned on-site consultancies or remote logfile analysis to ensure that the current customer environment still matches the current customer service level agreements, or to detect potential bottlenecks already in advance.

  • Support and Troubleshooting
    Analysis and problem solutions in case of unforeseen malfunctions.

  • Operation
    On-site or remote – according to customer request.

Other Fields of Activities

In the following you find activities which are either no current ITXS focal points or already some years dated back:

Current, but no Focal Points:

Back dated Product Know-how:

  • SAP, Tivoli, NetView and HP-OpenView

  • SunNet Manager and Enterprise Manager

  • Optivity, Spectrum and Patrol

  • Check Point Firewall

  • Cisco

Back dated Consulting Activities:

  • Network, System and Application Management

  • Network Design, Sizing and Implementation (Router, Switches, Bridges, ...)

  • Conception, Planing and Implementation of Security and Firewall Environments

  • Secure Internet Access

  • Interconnection of Unix, PC and Mainframe Integration

  • Product Launches

  • Development and Implementation of Operational Concepts

  • Supporting Customers during Software Development

  • E-Commerce

  • WEB-Design - Development of CDROMs and Homepages

Back dated Training Activities:

  • Unix, Unix-Administration, -Internas, Performance Tuning and Networking

  • TCP/IP Protocol Suite

  • OSI Protocol Suite

  • SNA Protocol Suite and Host Connectivity

  • System and Network Security

  • Internet Connectivity

  • Naming Services

  • E-Mail

  • Wide and Local Area Networking

  • LAN/WAN-Connectivity

  • Network-, System- and Application Management

  • Interconnection of Unix and PCs

  • Programming Languages - Unix-Shell, C and Development Tools

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